Straws for Bees - Helping Create habitat

Mason Bee

About Solitary Bees

There are about 450 species of bees native to BC. All of them are expert pollinators, many of them are stingless, and about 20% of them are solitary. Rather than forming hives, they lay their eggs in small holes and cavities. Like all bees, populations of these bees are declining as a result of habitat loss, disease, pesticides, and climate change.

mason bee house

Straw Nests

In addition to planting bee-friendly gardens and avoiding pesticide use, people are turning to "bee houses" as a way to help. Waterhorse donates our "off size" straws (the result of calibrating our machines) to local bee-keepers so they can make and supply bee houses. For information about bee houses, ask your local plant nursery: they usually stock them in early spring as "Mason," "orchard," or "solitary" bee houses. habitat ecology environment Vancouver