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A walk on the beach started it all

Waterhorse is a family-run start-up making small-batch paper straws in a warehouse near Burnaby Lake in Burnaby, BC.   

With all the attention now on eliminating plastic straws, it’s hard to believe that a simple walk long before anyone banned single-use plastics started us on our journey to make paper straws in Canada. We have always picked up garbage at the high-tide line – its how our parents raised us – but the sheer number of plastic straws on one single day convinced us that there had to be a better way. 

That way was harder than we expected. Along the we learned about importing machinery, paper weights, wet strength, glue quality, food safety, inks, what “biodegradable” and “compostable” really mean, and maybe a hundred other things that we didn’t know. But now we have a product we’re proud of: made with Canadian paper and food-safe glues from the U.S., strong enough to last the length of your drink, and soft enough that we won’t be leaving it for our kids to deal with.